Healthy snacks for movie night

Yesterday was my rest day, so I took advantage of it, and had snacks for diner!

We had movie night with the Scotsman. We do that once in a while, have snacks for diner and cuddle up in front of a couple of movies. I really needed that actually, it felt like a Sunday!

When I say we have snacks for diner, I mean that I put together a plate with a bunch of stuff to munch on. I do try to keep it healthy though!

In French we call it a “Plateau Tele”, a “TV Tray”.

A few favorites:


A few cubes of cheese

A bunch of kalamata olives (yum!)

Veggies and humus or dip. Last night’s dip, my new favorite: Tahini. miso and a bit of water. Delicious with carrot sticks.

A small bowl of soup, with my whole wheat toast cut into stripes:)

Devils eggs (Replace mayo with Greek yogurt and mustard)

Cherry tomato sprinkled with basil


You get the idea, easy and healthy finger food!


I had some cubed pineapple. I also add some apple that I cut into quarters. Why is it that apples taste better and are more filling when cut? Or is it just me?

Another favorite is apple bits and grapes.

If I’m the mood for chocolate, I have chocolate dipped fruits. Or even apples / pears and chocolate chips. Very yummy indeed:)

I also love making fruit kebab… Cut fruits in equal sized bits, put on a stick and voila! Or sprinkle some coconut flakes for extra yumminess…

And let’s not forget popcorn! We don’t have a microwave in the new house, so we use a pan… No need to buy the prepackaged stuff, covered in grease and sugar etc..

Just buy the kernels (cheaper) add your own seasoning (Cinnamon, or salt and curry are delicious) and pop in a microwave safe dish or a pan!

Do you have a “snack night” at your house? What’s your favorite healthy snacks?

Mine is my homemade nutella

15 thoughts on “Healthy snacks for movie night

  1. We totally have snack nights but ours is less healthy. We go and buy a couple cheeses, a baguette and a bottle of wine. Or we get some pita bread and hummus. I totally love the olives/cheese/bread mix.

      • Nor can I. I would rather accept having a more “curvy” body than sacrificing our cheese/bread/wine nights. It’s as close to authentic French food we can get here (and the cheese is pasteurized😦 so not as good). But that’s as good as it gets. I miss being able to walk down the street and get a coffee/patisserie/croissant/whatever. We can’t do that here! And my other favorite – a monaco – a little indulgent, I know, if you ask for it at a bar they think you are crazy to put lemonade and grenadine in your beer!

      • Oh my god! I love monacos! The only way I like beer:) I’m so glad somebody else likes them:)
        We finally have a good bakery here, and they now have pains au chocolat yum and they make nearly as good baguettes and croissants…
        But I still miss food from home

      • I miss real crepes. Here they use the sugar crepes when they should use the salted crepes and it is just a terrible disaster. BUT. I will be making macarons for Paque.:)

  2. I love snack plate dinners! I like including some raw veggies with a greek yogurt/salt/pepper/oregano dip. Or quarter pieces of toast bruscetta style with various toppings!
    I totally agree–apples and pears taste infinitely better when sliced!
    Also, your fruit kabobs remind me of my childhood! My mom used to skewer fruit for us in the summertime and would stick a mini marshmallow right in the middle to entice us to eat them. These days she’d have a harder time convincing me to eat the marshmallow than the fruit!

  3. I’m also guilty of doing snack night as French night!😛

    Usually, the Husband will decide he’s feeling snacky so we’ll head to our local yuppy supermarket and load up on lots of great cheese, a fantastic smoked sausage, crackers (for him), and a baguette (for me), olives, and maybe some fruit. Then we’ll have that with beer for him and wine for me.

    We don’t do it very often but I quite love those times when we do!:)

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