Running and strength training

I’m back on the running wagon, yay

After my knee injury, I stopped running. Add to that the frightful weather, and I haven’t run in 2 weeks…

I am a recreational runner, and I’m trying to build a good base to run a half marathon in the fall. I am still not 100% sure about running the half, but I do love my 30 min run with the pup in the morning!

It gives me so much energy:) See my tips for exercising in the morning.

Anyhow, I was a bit worried, by my run went really well:)

The snow is finally melting, but what is left was very hard this morning. So I ran to the sound of the ice crushing under my feet.. Made me feel very hardcore haha


I wanted to show you what the path looks like, but instead you can see how the camera on my phone makes Freddie’s tail look huge!

I’m also pretty happy with my pace.

This year my legs feel very strong and I think all those strength workouts I have been doing are paying off!

I found this article on runner’s world website about the importance of strong legs for runners: Get Strong legs. I think it’s worth taking into account even for novice runners like me.

Now, my strength training:

I did a kettlebell workout last night and I am feeling it!

I used this video:

24 minute interval workout

If you are looking for an inspirational story and some awesome workouts, check her blog out:

Something funny happened during my workout:

The blinds were shut and the window was closed too. But all of a sudden Freddie started barking at the window and jumping at the curtain. I  looked outside to see what was going on and I saw one of Freddie’s doggy friend was in our front garden.

He was dying to go out so I let him out. They played non stop for 45 min!

Anyhow, they are so good. I have no ideas how he knew the other dog was around since he didn’t even bark or anything!

On other news, my vertigo is getting better:

I was diagnosed with an inner hear problem recently, and it explains the years I have spent struggling with vertigo.

Luckily we have a physio here that specializes in that kind of issue. I went for my 4th session yesterday and he is very pleased with my progress:)

He reckons that with 1 or 2 other sessions and a rehabilitation plan I will be able to regain 90% of my balance and have much less problems!

Great news!

Plus he made a comment about how I am always fashionable and well dressed:) It’s always nice when someone notices:)

Happy days!

How is the weather where you live?

I had a laughed this morning, my friends in Scotland woke up to snow!

What workouts have you been doing lately?

3 thoughts on “Running and strength training

  1. You are so hardcore running out on the ice! I never would have made it out–I’m such a wimp!
    That’s awesome news on the vertigo!! It’s amazing that you are able to see results so quickly!
    I’m still mostly doing incline walking for my workouts but I’ll sometimes throw some sprint intervals on the bike or revolving stairs in too.

    • Weird, I never noticed your comment until today!
      I never thought I’d be running on ice, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do lol and once you start it’s not even that bad:)
      And yes, I am very happy about the vertigo.. I have exercises to do each day, reeducation for my inner ear:)

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