FF: Radiant?

A little bit of background here: I work for a family company and the owners are a lovely couple in their 60’s.



The day after I wore this outfit the wife came in the office and told me how “radiant” it was and how they had discussed how stylish I always am the night before.

It’s really nice and sweet. Though I feel a little weird about what I wear being a subject of discussion….


Do you know how hard it is to photography stripes and yellow? ha

My MIL (the best!) sent me this skirt a couple of years ago. And I have to admit it took me a couple of attempts to “master” the stripes. My solution? A really bright top that distracts the eye ;)


And I might have said it 4 years ago (crazy!) but “Bootylicious”!

Pencil skirts are awesome when you have curvy hips and a bigger.. ahem… behind. As long as you don’t mind them being accentuated.

Would you wear yellow?

Working out at home

Over the years I have blogged a bunch about home workouts. I’ve done a variety of stuff from ZWOW (back in 2012! I should do her workouts again) to kettlebells (which I still use, they’re a great piece of equipment).

One thing I come back to as well is yoga. I love the gentle stretching (I’m really not flexible) as well as the stress relief and built-in strength training.

I really like this series by Tara Stiles if like me you are a permanent beginner…

I have to say though, it’s been a few months since I last did these videos and I was happy to see some progress in my strength :)

The thing is with home workouts though, it can be easier to slack a bit… When I go to my boxing class, I know I will workout to the max for 1.5hrs. Whereas at home it’s tempting to do just this:


But hey, 30min of yoga is still better than staying on the couch watching Netflix right?

Do you workout at home?


Not to worry, you can click-through safely, no naked pictures to come haha

When I was 20 or 21, I paused for a photograph. Not naked no, but let’s just say that you could see a lot of me… And I’m glad I did it because at the time it gave me a lot of confidence and the photos are great souvenirs :) (it wasn’t soft porn or anything, they were really artistic pictures taken in a whole bunch of different costumes and environments).

So when a few days ago an acquaintance of mine posted online that she needed a naked model for her art class I messaged her on the spur of the moment!

I don’t have an exact date yet but they are putting something together for this month! THIS month!

I do feel confident in my body, but I don’t know why I thought it would be fun / interesting to take my kit off in front of a dozen strangers (or worse people I kind of know) to be drawn / painted.

In my imagination the drawings will be really flattering and I’ll love it. But what if they decide to focus on drawing cellulite? Would they?

I think I’ll bring a glass of red with me haha

Now to tell the Scotsman… To me it’s art, so it’s got nothing to do with us. But I am not sure he would see it that way.

February goals

As usual, I can’t believe how fast time flies. I mean, January was a long month, but I still can’t believe Spring is right around the corner *yay!).

In January, my only goal was to curb down my sugar habit. I owe you a post on this but it went pretty well. I also worked towards my New Year resolutions,mainly saving and managing my money better.

For February I have a few things that I’d like to do:

  • Less laziness! What I mean by that is that in January I had some health issues and had to rest a lot. But I maybe took it a little too far and watched a little too much Netflix. I didn’t knit or crochet at all! Time to get back into doing what I like.
  • Meal planning? I don’t know if we can make it work, but after tracking all our expenses in January I am appalled to see how much we really spend on food! We talked about planning our meals better with the Scotsman and shop smarter.
  • Loose the 1kg / 1.5kg I gained over the holidays: You’d think going without sugar would do the trick but it didn’t. I’m not obsessing over it, but it would be nice to get rid of it before the end of February.
  • 3 workouts a week: I’ve been keeping up with that rhythm in January, no reason not to keep it going :)


I’ve also been challenging myself to do a couple of things in January: a 1min plank everyday, and having a clean kitchen every night. I’ve been tracking it in my new agenda (<3) and apart from days when it skipped my mind to do a plank or when I was not feeling great I’ve kept up with it pretty well.

So I want to up the ante and add cleaning the bathroom every Wednesday night (random choice, poor Wednesdays) and do 5 good form push ups with my plank.

After all, little things add up and I am trying to form some better habits.

FF: A pop of color

Whenever I wear all black or grey (usually a dress) the Scotsman will joke that I look like I’m going to a funeral… And last time I wore a black dress my boss said the same thing.

I always thought wearing black was chic (I am French after all, the country of fashion neutrals), but I do love wearing colors. I guess I look gloomy or something?

Now, when I wear this grey dress (I love that it’s wool, so cozy!) I try to add a pop of color.


Enter the red shoes (Walmart!) and the red lip :)

It’s funny because when I was a teen we used to think that gold jewelry and red lips were only for older ladies. I do hope that my love of red lipstick and gold jewels doesn’t mean I’m an old lady, but rather than trends are changing?


I also have to confess that this dress is not the most flattering cut on my body. The baggy top part and tighter skirt make it look like I have a tent on my upper body (thanks boobies). But, I still love it :) Just don’t ask me why ;)


Actually, I think I like it simply because it is so warm. Seriously, staying feminine when it’s below 0 outside is hard sometimes ;)

Do you have clothes that aren’t that flattering that you love anyway? Do you wear a lot of color or are you more of a neutral person?


Last year, for the first time since I left High school I got myself a diary. Not the kind you confine in, no, the kind where you write all your appointments.

I got myself a cheap one, thinking I wouldn’t use it much. But it turned out to be a great ally to track all sorts of things besides my appointments. In fact, it nearly became a daily “Dear diary” kind of diary. And it’s great to be able to look back and see what happened in 2015.

Starting in January, I knew I wanted one again. But this time, I wanted a sexy diary, one I could take proudly out of my handbag.


I went to my local stationery store and fell in love with this red little number. Yes, it was love at first sight with a day planner, call me crazy ;)

It’s a classic Filofax, the kind you can buy new insert for every year. So I hope our relationship will be a long-lasting one…


This month, since I gave up sugar for a few weeks, I tracked that. I’m also keeping an eye on my expenses and of my New Year resolutions.

And every 2 weeks I put in one of the colorful pages and do a little recap’.

Call me crazy, but I LOVE keeping a memento and seeing how far along I am with meeting or reevaluating my goals…

Is anyone else attached to their day planner?


I can’t believe I turned 31 today. I mean, I DO feel that I am not 20 or even 25 anymore. But I used to think that but the time I was 30 I would have every thing in life figured out. Yeah right ;)

But rather than moan about the passage of time, I’ll share some pictures from my cross-country skiing fun at the week-end :)

IMG_20160124_140626 IMG_20160124_140641 IMG_20160124_140648

Anybody else struggles with their birthdays?

FF: Reversible

When I was about 7, my new (and still) best friend and I bought the same reversible coat. It was pink and blue, the same shades as the  Pantone colors of 2016 (we were visionaries haha). Since then, I don’t recall any reversible clothing…

But when my mother in law sent me yet more clothes (love her!) for Christmas, I fell in love with this giant scarf.


Red side!

In the winter, I hate looking like a Pillsbury dough boy. I mean, we have a few months of it here, and I like to keep some sense of style and still be a little, dare I say it, sexy.

So when I wear a warm bottom I like to pair it with a shirt. And with a big warm jumper: nothing like a leather mini-skirt.



Black side!

And in order not to get cold, I wear fleece lined tights or my thermal skiing leggings on really cold days! Under my jumper, like almost everyday in winter, is my hidden weapon: “a undervest”. You know, one of those T-shirt type things your gran wears under her clothes? My mum bought me a bunch in France. I have some pink and some white ones with either a mix of silk and cotton or wool and silk. I sometimes also put on some proper heat tech ones, but I find natural fibers more pleasant on a non-active day.





I couldn’t help but share those pictures of little Freddie enjoying the snow. He’s still such a puppy at heart lol


Is that a snow ball?



Sit? Lie down? Paw? I’ll do anything for that snow ball!


1 – 3- GO!



Where did it go?



The skirt and jumper are from Mango, one of my favorite brands! And they deliver all over the world…

My boots are my trusty Sorel. And if you spend any time in the snow, I would really recommend this Canadian brand.

On that note: gotta love winter, when I can get away with shorter skirts thanks to my thick tights ;)

What about you? How do you stay stylish in the winter?


One thing I wanted to do in 2016 is appreciate what I have more. And it’s easy when things are going well. But at the moment I am once again face with a career dilemma / potential trouble. And it’s causing me a lot of worry. So much so that I even took it out on the Scotsman (not fair).

The highlights of the last few days are:

  • The Scotsman making me laugh at myself for moping around, and cooking me diner when I came home from work last night.
  • Our awesome fireplace! I love it, even though I’m totally incapable of lighting a fire myself haha IMG_3244
  • My essential oil diffuser. It was my only request to Santa and I really love it. The smell is lovely (I have several mixes) and I feel like my anti-germs one and my “good mood” mix are working pretty well :) IMG_3247
  • This job uncertainty. I am not thankful for it, but I am thankful that I found out totally by chance. And that now I can be pro-active and look for an alternative should I need to.

What are you thankful for today?

FF: Investing

It’s all relative, but for me spending $150 in a pair of jeans is an investment. I normally buy a lot of stuff second-hand for a couple of $$ or do a big shop in affordable places like Zara, Mango and H&M.

So while I was in France, I took advantage of it to buy a couple of things I really wanted: a nice pair of jeans and a striped top. Now, I have a “round” ass and big boobs. And since fashion seems to be tailored for people who are straight up and down, it’s hard for me to find jeans that fit, and horizontal stripes should be a big NO (and to be honest they sometimes do look weird on me).

I was walking around town with my best friend when she mentioned I should try the jeans from Salsa (I envy her ass that fits into everything, she envies mine that is bigger). Salsa is a portuguese brand that hand makes jeans. But they are famous for inventing the “push=up jeans” that make your ass bigger! Now why would I want that I thought?

Well, turns out they also make jeans that are supposed to make your tummy look flatter, and that are cut to accommodate bigger butts. Long and behold, I fell in love with a pair that hugs me in all the right places without gaping at the legs or waist. Miracle!

IMG_3131 IMG_3135 IMG_3133

As a French woman, I always felt like I should have a striped top ;) So I went to the store best known in France for making awesome striped top: Petit Bateau.

It was love at first time for the small collection made in collaboration with French designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac. I love the yellow shoulders and red bit at the neck.


I love wearing it with khaki pants or a skirt. But on a casual Friday? Nothing like the Scotsman’s old jeans. They are so soft and comfy :)

IMG_3237 IMG_3233

Do you have a favorite brand of jeans? Do you sometimes invest more in specific garments?