First run of the year

All winter I pondered as to whether or not I wanted to run again this year. I’m still not sure if I want to race this season but when I came home to a super-excited puppy and a snow free ground, I knew I was going to go out running.

It has been a while so taking it slow was the name of the game. Starting again with running is never easy. I went for 2 x 5 min intervals and then some 4 min intervals before going back home after 45 min.

It was nice to get out even though my legs felt tight.

Of course Freddie had to run in the pond after the ducks and then go gold digging in the river…

Picture 211

Picture 212

Ask me anything: Favourites

Again, thank you for your questions and the inspiration :)

Here are a few of my favorites:

- favorite go-to workouts: Without a doubt cross-country skiing, swimming and for strength training any HIIT kettlebell workout. Which reminds me I should really do some more strength training!

- favorite go-to healthy foods: Any fruit, nut butters, pop corn, veggie sticks, nuts. Is that too many favourites?

-favorite French dish: Tarte a la mirabelle! Mirabelles are a sweet yellow prunes that is pretty much only grown in my region ( I have really found memories as a kid of picking them up and making pie. I obviously also miss things like the bread, cheese, pain au chocolats, and a ton of other foods ;)

- Canadian dishes that are note worthy: Beef jerky! I had never had jerky before and it’s actually really good! I always send some to my family in Europe and they love it too :) Another thing I had never had in Europe are sweet potatoes fries with chipotle mayo. Yum

Your turn, any favorites?

Week-end recap

Thank you for all your questions! I love how insightful you are and I look forward to answer in posts this week!

This last week has been a bit rough. I got the flu, as in influenza, the kind when you have a huge fever, can’t get out of bed, can’t think let alone do anything productive.

From Tuesday night to Saturday morning I spent pretty much all my time in bed. It was so bad even the Scotsman was concerned and went grocery shopping (he never goes). For some reason I was craving oranges and carrots.

As a note to myself, I should really stock my favorite soup and teas and honey, just in case. Because if the Scotsman was able to get me some fruits and veggies, I don’t think he’d find me the exact tea / soup I wanted…

I finally felt better on Sunday so we went to the ski hill for the last day of the season! It went by so fast. I sat in the sun with Freddie and we watched a bunch of skiers and boarders go down the hill and then try to skim over a pool. Only one out of about 70 made it all the way!

We then went home and had a BBQ with a bunch of friends. We have a gas patio heater so we were all in T-shirts in the sun. So nice, a little taste of summer.

Being so ill, I was thankful for Freddie cuddles and Netflix!


I think I’m just going to take it easy to the next few days before getting active again. Now that the snow has finally melted of the trails I may start running again…


Ask me anything

Since I’ve been lacking inspiration to write here, I thought I would cheat and ask for your input.. I’ve read a couple of fun blog posts of people answering Q&A. I always find it interesting to get an insight.

So, anything you want to ask me?

I’ll answer next week.



I wanted to blog earlier, blog more. But to be honest the end of March was placed under the sign of frustration. Frustration in my body (imagine a month long PMS), frustration with my family, frustration at work, everywhere I looked frustration. Some of it came from me, some also came from external factors. It’s funny because I remember feeling the same way around this time last year.

And I didn’t want to set myself some April goals without dealing with that first.

My body is getting back on track. My family will never change and I talked to my boss about the rest.

Life is still not rainbow and butterflies at the moment, but I’m pretty happy and I am sharing it with a wonderful guy who happens to see the funny side when I get all grumpy / pout lipped.

In March I wanted to:

- Keep on improving my swimming (I’m doing round 2 of swimming lessons) I’ve made a ton of progress, my teacher said I was learning a lot of techniques really quick. Now I just need to practice, and then practice some more

- Loose another kg. I don’t know! The batteries in my balance died. To be honest though, it’s been a tough month food wise (see 1 month long PMS symptoms… So I’m not holding much hope here)

- Make the most of the end of winter. I’m trying not to think of Spring too much since it’s still really cold and snowy here. So I’m going to get out and ski while I still can! I went cross-country skiing a few times and took some ski lessons.

- Enjoy the longer day, walk Freddie more in the morning. Now that I can finally see in front of my feet in the morning I really ought to walk him longer! I’m still not doing so well in the morning but I’ve enjoyed going for long walks in the evening sun! He even went for a little swim in the pond the other day and got stranded on the ice on the other side. He didn’t want to swim back lol The things he does to chase the ducks hihi

In April I want to:

- Relax! I’ve been so tense lately, I can actually regularly can feel myself clenching my teeth…

- Keep on swimming, maybe squeeze in a last ski, and set up my home workout space again…

- Spring clean: My car (it’s a disaster zone) and my closet.

- Lose a kg!

- Make up my mind about this blog. I never thought I would have one of those professional massive blogs. But what I enjoyed from the start was the interaction with a (small but great) group of readers. Lately though, I’ve been slacking, reading but not commenting, not posting etc. And I miss it. But I also feel like I don’t have the time / energy. And I’ve been reading a lot more in French / French blogs. I need to decide whether or not I want this space to grow again.


Yesterday I came home in a really bad mood. What can I say, I’ve been feeling stressed and have not been the most agreeable person lately. Combine that with tiredness and the start of a cold and you might want to run away from me…

When I arrived the Scotsman was relaxing with a friend on the patio with our outdoor heater installed (because if you want to enjoy the sun when it’s 5 degrees outside, you need it).

I was going to join them but I knew I need to workout to get the negative energy out – see, positive coping mechanisms here-

Our friend’s girlfriend was going to join us too so I knew my time was limited. I hopped into my new ($2 at the thrift store) workout top and grabbed my kettlebells.

I did a few of my usual moves (inverted rows, military presses, lunges / squats, swings etc) and finished with a sun salutation. I need to streeeeetch


The mess behind me is our spare room… Clothes drying, my bike, and some of the new doors for the kitchen which still isn’t finished (sigh).

I guess wearing gear that matches your weights is important? Also, my mirror is slimming, my phone fattening…

Another time when I’m glad to workout at home. It enables me to snick in 30 min here and there without feeling like I’m missing out. and when I want to live the house, I go swimming (like tonight) or I go outside to cross-country ski (while we still have snow)

Unrelated, but I’m kicking myself a little for having started to read French blogs again… I now find myself thinking of post ideas in French, which makes it harder to write here…

Je vous ecris en francais?



- I’ve been reading a lot of French blog and I’ve been missing France. I even called my dad a couple of week-ends ago because I just wanted to speak French. I haven’t been back to France for over a year and I miss it. It’s tough since the Scotsman misses Scotland while we live in Canada. We don’t share the same cravings…

- Life is pretty good right now! I spent the first day of Spring clearing 40cm of snow off my car and I went cross-country skiing with Freddie after work. I’ve been trying to save money but I couldn’t resist buying some new skis when I saw them on sale




- My periods are a month late! No I’m not pregnant, but it’s been playing havoc on my moods to have my hormones so messed up.

-Having a hot tub is still the best thing ever ;)

- I tried downhill skiing again and had a blast. Last time I tried was 4 years ago and I did not enjoy it. I was petrified and at the end of the season sold all my equipment. Again, we were forced to come to the conclusion that the Scotsman (a former ski instructor) is not the best person to teach me! I’m looking forward to going again before the end of the season.

- I’ve not been blogging a lot because I’ve been feeling like writing in French…

What’s been happening with you?


I tried…. Zumba!

At the week-end I received a voucher for a free zumba class at the local gym, followed by wine.

Free wine, count me in ;)

I actually had been curious to try zumba since i have heard a lot about the “craze”. I hadn’t done any group exercise in years though! Apart from some yoga in the park in the summer. But I’m making an effort to get out and make some new (female) friends. So I thought this would be the perfect occasion.

I was of course late running out of the door. So I grabbed the first thing I could find: yoga pants and a long-sleeved top I usually wear to ski… And no indoor gym shoes…

I arrived just as the class was starting and joined right in. the instructor seemed to have a limitless amount of energy and enthusiasm. But myself and most of the ladies were a bit to reserved to start shouting like crazy during the class..

It was really fun though! I haven’t been dancing in a looong time and I missed the endorphins. following her steps though, I realized once again how uncoordinated I am! But we all had fun trying not to step on each other’s toes ;)

Doing zumba in socks: fine. Doing zumba in a long sleeved top: not so fine, I felt itchy and sweaty :(

The dancing made all the squat / lunge like moves really fun and it got my heart rate up. And we had a lot of fun moving around awkwardly.

So while it wasn’t the most intense workout, it was a great way to unwind and forget it was the Monday after daylight saving changes…

I am sore today, but I think it’s still more to do with sanding the kitchen cabinets on Sunday rather than zumba ;) I’m on the fence about returning, I’ll see if it fits in my budget!

I’ve also been back at the pool to practice my front crawl.  finally managed a few length without feeling like I was going to drown. A big win if you ask me ;)

Have you ever tried zumba? Are you a class aficionado or would you rather workout on your own?

Chocolate, wine and cheese

That’s what I had last night, in that order….

I’ve been having a stressful week at work, I have had PMS (and no sign of the actual visitors) for 10 days, and I just wanted chocolate, wine and cheese. Or you know, strangle somebody and melt in a puddle of tears…

So I had them, and it was good, and I felt better, and I’m happy I did.

It was not the healthiest choices, and eating my stress is not the best decision. But I have no regrets.

Sometimes having a healthy lifestyle is about eating what you crave. For me anyways.


March goals

Every month I set myself goals, a purpose, so I can keep on track and motivate myself.

In February I wanted to:

- Yoga and strength train every week: I’ve done some yoga every week but this past one. Strength training, not so much.

- Pay more attention to my portion of food I’ve been doing well with this, listening to my appetite.

- Hydrate more! I’m pretty good throughout my work day, but not so much at home. I need a better routine at home. Not too bad, but I’ve still been waking up thirsty…

- Keep on working on my yearly goals :) I’ve gotta admit, I’m not doing so well with saving… We need so much for the house still! But. I’ve lost 1 kg this month! I want to lose 1kg a month until April so I can reach my “summer weight” by April. I’ve not been dieting or doing anything in particular. Just making sure I exercise and eat well most of the time.

In March I want to:

- Keep on improving my swimming (I’m doing round 2 of swimming lessons)

- Loose another kg.

- Make the most of the end of winter. I’m trying not to think of Spring too much since it’s still really cold and snowy here. So I’m going to get out and ski while I still can!

- Enjoy the longer day, walk Freddie more in the morning. Now that I can finally see in front of my feet in the morning I really ought to walk him longer!

What about you, anything you want to do this month?